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Toyohari Training Programs

ANNOUNCEMENTS of our trainings across the United States can be found on the website. Just go to “Training”. You will find US training and links to other Toyohari Branches around the world. Students must be licensed to practice acupuncture in their state to be qualified to take our Programs.  


OUR BASIC TRAININGS are generally one weekend a month for eight or nine months, for a total of 18 days. There may be variations with some three-day weekends. The price of the trainings will be listed in the Basic Training announcements. There are discounts for acupuncture students and first year practitioners.


SPECIFIC DETAILS will be available as each Program is scheduled.

Trainings are most likely to be held in these areas: Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Boston, MA, Washington, DC, Orlando or Gainesville, FL.


Graduation from the Certificate Basic Training Program entitles you to join the Toyohari Association through one of the established local Branches and to become a registered Toyohari practitioner. The principle purpose of the Branches is to foster and improve clinical skills by providing feedback through Branch group practice meetings. At these meetings we do group practices with special techniques of learning developed in the Toyohari association.

Continuing Education:

All acupuncturists that finish our Basic Training Programs are encouraged to become Branch members and participate in study groups in their areas. Members can also attend a Branch meeting held in other Branches around the world. Members are encouraged to attend the National Trainings held for members in the US, Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. These National Trainings provide instruction from very experienced acupuncturists from Japan, as well as other senior Instructors. A member can also participate in special trainings held in Toyko, which are open to all Toyohari members worldwide. These are amazing opportunities.

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